Monday, October 15, 2012

Autumn is Here!

The Crystal Cottage's Fall Debut

Fall is upon us and we celebrated at our store with a Fall open house showing off our newest treasures and treating our lovely guests to fall treats, drinks, and decorating with pumpkin tips.
Here are the recipes everyone has been asking about!
sweet, smooth and fluffy! It was a hit and we even had some bowl lickers!
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We also served a pumpkin roll~ check out the recipe for April's favorite!
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And a cocktail of course...  Just fresh apple cider and Captain Morgan's spiced rum.  Garnish with a cinnamon sugar rim and an apple slice or cinnamon stick and it's pretty and tastes wonderful!
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Now for all those fab pumpkin ideas:


Spray paint?  Yes, please!  These are real pumpkins, picked up at our local produce place and simply sprayed with antique white and a metallic silver. 

Top left~ silver pumpkins used as taper holders and placed on top of glass candle sticks.  Bottom left~ mini pumpkins used as tealight holders.

How pretty are these?!  For the larger white pumpkin~ spray it, let dry, carve, add green floral foam, add in your choice of flower, (we chose the all white look here)a little moss, and then we pinned the top and stem of the pumpkin off to the side.  Gorgeous and took about 15 minutes! 
The smaller white pumpkin~ spray, adhere sticky black letters (local craft store) and pinned on a burlap flower (available in our retail store)
~Traditional orange pumpkin~
Sprayed mini pumpkins metallic gold then added to a lantern with pinecones and these great battery lit green branches (branches and Eiffel tower lantern avialable in our retail store)
The night was just a bit busy so we failed to get pictures of the other creative ways we used pumpkins...but they were equally very cool(the pictures below are similar to what we created-images from pinterest.) We carved one and used it as an icebucket to chill a pitcher of homemade iced tea and another one lined with a pretty linen and filled with tortilla chips to scoop up the yummy spinach artichoke dip.  We also used the large cinderella pumpkins as base to serve our desserts.  They are low and flat so we just placed the dish of treats on top and it gave our foodscape a great contrast of varying heights. 

So we LOVE pumpkins!  Check out our Fall Board on Pinterest for some more great ideas.
Our next store event is October 28th.  Check in for what the Crystal Cottage Girls come up with next! 

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